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Re-Introducing Hymns to a Contemporary Congregation

Great post by James Grant on the Gospel Coalition site about practical suggestions, helpful resources, and theological reasons for re-introducing hymns to a contemporary congregation.

The Church Has a Blindside

Everyone is familiar with the movie The Blindside. Scott Williams at Big Is the New Small talks about the “elephant in the room”—The Church Has a Blindside in that for the most part we’re still segregated on Sunday mornings and in our relationships throughout the week.

Justification and Emotional Health

The Gospel Coalition posted a very important blog about Justification’s Double Liberation. It explores how our justification in Christ applies to our emotional and psychological health.

Supreme Court: Evangelicals Need Not Apply

Patrick O’Callahan, staff writer for the News Tribune in Tacoma, Washington, writes, “If Elena Kagan – a Jew – replaces Justice John Paul Stevens – a Protestant – on the Supreme Court, the court will consist of six Roman Catholics and three Jews. Protestant-ism, still the nation’s majority religion, will be completely shut out for the first time in American history.” For his interesting analysis of the bias that has led to this situation, continue reading.

Where and Why We Buy Our Books

Tim Challies has a fascinating survey about the book buying attitudes and habits of the “young, restless, and reform.”

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