Twitter Hosts Theological Discussions

Twitter is mostly populated by us young’uns and a few hip folks of our parents’ generation, and it’s fascinating to see what tech-savvy, largely American 16-30-year-olds are discussing.  Often, the topic turns to religion, and the results are astoundingly honest and rather disheartening.

A popular Twitter discussion this morning was “Without God” – take a look at some of the tweets that showed up in that discussion:

Without God, there will be no book for the homophobes to cover their unreasonable hatred.

Without God you can truly be who you want to be

Without God, you suddenly can make moral choices that don’t hurt any minority!

Without God, there would be more unity in society

Of course, the other side was present, showing pro-faith Tweets such as these:

Without God I wouldn’t have made it this far!!!

Without God I Am Nothing.

Without God I have no hope, no life, no purpose. He is my ever present help always!

It was clear that anti-God sentiments vastly outnumbered any pro-faith ideas, but I was more disturbed by the lack of smart and sincere rebuttals from the faith community. Why are we so silent when someone makes a statement on hoe much better life would be without God? Why are we unable to reply, to link to apologists, or to stand up for our convictions in 140 characters? I admire those brave few who tweeted their pro-God reponses, but I wish that my generation of Christians was more willing to engage in debate that might help to prove to the world that we are more than just mindless followers, but intelligent, sincere and openly willing to discuss our faith in love with an unbelieving world.

All of you bloggers, Facebookers, tweeters… express your faith as attractive ambassadors for Christ. We are the face and “tweets” of Jesus to a broken and hurting world who desperately needs Him.

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