’Undercover Boss’ shows virtue of hard work and moral strength

CBS’ latest reality show, “Undercover Boss” begins with a voiceover narration about this recession, the tough times for working people, and who exactly is to blame. The show’s narrator asserts that many blame “evil CEOs of large corporations” for their current struggles. It’s a common assertion, but what’s fascinating is that those “evil” CEOs come under scrutiny in this reality TV forum and are shown to be anything but evil and greedy.

The premise of “Undercover Boss” is simple. CEOs of large corporations – everything from restaurant chains to plumbing services – go undercover for a week in their own companies, posing as new hires and seeing how their organizations work from the inside out. Occasionally there’s a bad apple employee to deal with, but for the most part, these CEOs are blown away by the integrity and work ethic of their employees, and are often moved to help “the little guy” even more than they already do.

The great thing about “Undercover Boss” is that it gives hope for the underdog and those who strive for the American Dream. Even though many today believe that the American Dream is unattainable, “Undercover Boss” shows us how delivery boys and dock workers worked their way into CEO positions, and are now striving to make their companies places of growth for the next generation of hopefuls. It shows us the value of a hard days’ work in an era of entitlement, and it beings tears to our eyes as we see everyday people get incredibly rewarded because they did their work honorably in front of a nobody new hire – someone who turned out to be the one person who could change their life for the better.

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