What’s Your Sign?

A recent trend in my neighborhood is the employment of sign twirlers on every corner in the business sector. Also called human directionals or sign spinners, these young people take an advertisement banner board and catch the attention of passers-by in an attempt to gain their patronage.

I must admit it has never worked for me.

Now, I’m very impressed by their skill at whipping the sign about their head and twirling on the tips of their fingers akin to the Harlem Globetrotters. I’m even more impressed that business recognizes the creative power in using a real, live person instead of a stationary sign. I’m glad that young people can use these talents and earn some spotlight and money at the same time.

The problem is I can’t read the signs.

Obviously, I am literate person, an avid book reader and a stickler when it comes to looking at the manual first before plugging the thing in. But with all that twirling and dancing and spinning, I never get a chance to see exactly what the sign says. Where am I supposed to go and spend my money? What is the great deal here? By the time the traffic light changes, I still don’t know.

When I think about it, every person is a human directional standing on a corner trying to get someone’s attention. We all want to be seen and valued. We all want people to slow down and take notice of what we have to say.

In one word, make a sign that sums up your life to date and your life to come. What does your sign say? What colors will you use on your sign? What decorations? If you were to display your sign, where would you stand? Does your sign point to Jesus? Can other people read your sign or are you spinning it too fast? Will they want to stop and see what the deal is…or will they drive on by?

God is a big believer in signs – the Bible is chock-full of His signs to us and to others. Sometimes people had to interpret them or have them explained but most of the time, they understood. Rainbow? Yup. Got it loud and clear.

Now that’s advertising.

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