Why Biggest Loser Michael Ventrella Will Win Show Finale on May 25th

NBC’s “Biggest Loser” reality TV show is wrapping up its eighth season of transforming groups of obese Americans into confident, athletic and slender people that celebrate with friends, family and thousands of viewers on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010. If you haven’t been keeping up with the show this season, there are 4 contestants left and only 2 are guaranteed to compete for the $250,000 grand prize. The other 2 will be subjected to America’s vote for the final spot.

The final four contestants are:

1. Ashley Johnston, pink team

2. Michael Ventrella, white team

3. Koli Palu, grey team

4. Daris George, orange team

The America’s Choice vote will be between Koli and Daris. My hunch is that Daris will gain the vote as he had an emotional breakdown over regaining 2 pounds in his final weigh-in. Even though I cannot vote (not being American) and Daris not having much more weight to lose, I think I would vote with my heart and keep him in the game.

Although the pink team has a record for coming out as champions (Ali Vincent and Helen Phillips), I believe that Michael will be the ultimate champion this year because:

1. He has the most weight to lose. In fact, Michael is the biggest contestant to ever weigh in at a whopping 526 pounds.

2. His trainer, Bob Harper, believes in him. Bob has called Michael strong more than once and has said he believes he could be in the final two.

3. Michael’s family is his encouragement and support. Even though the family struggles with their own weight issues, they are 100 percent behind supporting Michael and willing to make changes in their own lifestyles to do so.

4. He wants to belong. During the makeover show, Michael was upset because he had to go shopping at the plus size store by himself while the other contestants went together to buy from trendy shops. Michael will want to at least ‘catch up’ to the others in his weight loss.

5. He ‘gets it’ mentally. Unlike Daris or Koli, Michael believes he can do it. He wants this to be a lifelong change, not simply a race to the finale finish line.

Michael needs to change and, along with the season’s other contestants, viewers will be able to witness the literal embodiment of the everyday decisions these players have made as they weigh in for the final time.

When we need to change our bad habits, our thoughts or our attitudes, why do we expect it will be an easier journey than the mental and physical struggles we see weekly on this show? Like weight loss, why do we expect to be able to swallow a magic pill and have everything ‘work out’ perfectly overnight? How is it that when our hopes and prayers are not answered quickly, we give up?  Do we treat this life like a sprint or a marathon?

Isaiah 40:31 reads But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Here’s to you, Michael, Ashley, Koli and Daris! Thanks for letting us share in your struggles and your triumphs. All the best to you as you continue to make healthy changes and God bless.

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