YouTube Turns 5: Here’s Some Highlights

At 5 years old most very young Americans are ready to enter kindergarten, are slowly moving past Elmo and have probably a preference between crayons and Play-Doh.

In the online world five years can be a comparative eternity. YouTube has progressed well beyond early childhood milestones as it celebrates its fifth anniversary with a staggering two billion views per day with 24 hours worth of video uploaded every minute. Like the most successful Web icons its has morphed well beyond its initial stages into a culture-impacting driver. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg if he really thought Facebook would be what it is today when he was back at Harvard.

The volume of content on YouTube precludes an extensive list of favorite videos, and undoubtedly 50 different people could have 50 different posts. I welcome your comments. Here’s a few:

· Cool Wedding Dance: I enjoyed writing a blog on this video last year of a Minnesota couple who took a new twist on how to walk down the aisle.

· LeBron On the Mark: I still remember seeing LeBron James hitting this half-court shot on queue on 60 Minutes. Can the city of Cleveland hold its breath for a month and a half to see whether or not he’s coming back to the Cavs?

· What if Church Marketed Itself Like Starbucks?: I first saw this video when we at Everyday Christian posted it shortly after our launch in late 2008. If you’ve ever had an uncomfortable experience at a church, this is for you.

· Presidential Goofiness: Regardless of your opinion about President Obama, this cartoon put together around the time of his inauguration has plenty for anyone to get a chuckle out of.

And a couple of You Tube classics too… Charlie Bit My Finger ( and The Evolution of Dance (

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