A Different Version

Are you ever concerned by your community of experts? They know what to do about your diabetes, your children and your car insurance. And there you are, overwhelmed by their opinions. Funnily, they never allow for yours!

This happened when I bought a new Bible this week. The two friends will me had different opinions. One voted for the ‘perfect’ King James. Another voted for the latest English slang version. I wanted another of my same, The Amplified.

I stymied them when I demanded the original version written in Latin, by Jerome.   And even he translated some of his words from others who came before him!

I believe it’s more important to watch and see if all those Bible owners walk according to what their particular version says. That’s how we will recognize the strength of the Word.

Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you. (Robert Fulghum)

Let’s ask the Lord to point out the differences between our walk and our talk and make them consistent!

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