A Child With a Knife, and a Fire in the House

The child held the knife he had pulled from the kitchen drawer and pointed it at his chest, ready to plunge the knife into his heart. Suddenly his mother walks in and screams. The child drops the knife and cries from being startled. The mother asked the boy what were you doing!? The crying boy said that he was going to cut his heart so he could let Jesus come into it.

Previously the mother had shared with her young son that “We can let Jesus come into our heart and He will live inside of our hearts forever”. Being a young child, the young boy took his mother's message of Jesus coming into his heart literally. He was going to cut open his heart so that Jesus could come into it.

It's not about letting Jesus come into our heart…i'ts about believing that Jesus came to Earth, was born of a virgin, lived and died for our sins, and was raised from the dead so that we could live with Him for eternity. Believe in Jesus is based upon belief, not based upon doing something (save accepting Him as Savior). (John 3:16-17)

Success in evangelism comes simply from sharing one’s faith, not from seeing a person come to Christ.

You share your belief….your own personal testimony.

Saved people then return to the community of the unsaved to lead others to salvation, and not in only finding comfort in their new community of believers. Jesus does not want more religious people. He is seeking disciples after His own heart who will in turn disciple others, who continue the outward flow of the Gospel.

Imagine it being much like this: You are talking a walk in the early morning, and you come upon a two story house on fire. There are no lights on and you see a fire downstairs. Now, would you be embarrassed or fearful about pounding on the door? No way. You would pound on the door incessantly and yell, “FIRE! FIRE!” There would be no shyness, and no concern over embarrassment. There is a fire coming. A fire of God’s all consuming judgment, so today, tell that person about Jesus. Share your own personal testimony.

This motivation should be likewise when we share the Gospel. Not to do so is what one evangelist I trained with calls the “Sin of Silence”. A failure to follow an imperative command; The Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8. It is done out of love because God desires that no one would perish without Christ and wants all to come to Him for salvation. Amazingly;



Ten to 15 percent come to Christ through an event and so the remaining people called by God are through someone like you and me. Someone must have shared the Gospel with you.

The reasons we are shy or fearful are because we face potential rejection and ridicule. But God gives the increase. Let the Word of God do its work. It has power and never returns void. The Holy Spirit works in even the worst witness and in fact, God is most glorified in weaker vessels, so a bad witness is still better than none at all.

It is not all your responsibility. It is their response to His ability. Now, go tell 'em.

An excerpt the author's book  from “Teaching Children the Gospel, How to Raise Godly Children” on Amazon.com.

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