Should Christians Air Their Dirty Laundry?

This week I watched a Dr. Phil show, “Scandal in the Ministry.”  His show featured Marcus and Joni Lamb, co-founders of Daystar Television, a Christian network.  The couple shared their story of infidelity and how God had restored their marriage. 

Apparently this couple had kept Marcus’ affair a secret until someone recently threatened extortion.  Three people wanted $7.5 million in order to keep things secret.  However Marcus and Joni decided to go public with it. 

Should Christians air their dirty laundry?  Marcus confessed his adulterous affair before their church, before the audience of Daystar Television and before millions of Dr. Phil viewers.  I really had to give them credit.  It is one thing to come clean before your loved ones but to air your dirty laundry in public is another thing.

There are some who think it was only done because they had been threatened with extortion.  Even if that is the case they still put it all out there.  I truly believe that when Christians air their dirty laundry; it can be used for good.

Unfortunately there will be some who will hold this against them.  There will be some who will judge them.  There will be some who diminish what they have gone through.  But I also believe there are many others who will be helped. 

There will be couples who will no longer feel alone.  There will be people who will feel that God can restore anything.  There will be marriages that are saved.

Airing our dirty laundry is never an enjoyable thing but it is most certainly humbling.  It is one way of demonstrating how fallible we really are but how redemptive God is.  It is one way of showing how struggles and challenges in our lives can be overcome with the help of God.

There might be someone out there who needs us to air our dirty laundry.  Who needs to hear your story today?

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  1. I agree with you, there will be those who will have negative things to say about them…but I also agree that the Lord will take this difficult decision to come forward before the public and use for His good!

    December 12, 2010

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