All the Fathers

Are we still quarantined? We have the pandemic quarantine of course but many of us have other kinds of quarantines that we impose on ourselves or on others. Just look at our family relationships.

Don’t we just love to point the finger at those who make mistakes, who stumble and fall? In those actions or words, we separate ourselves (quarantine ourselves) from others.

Listen up folks. Actions speak louder than words. The pandemic thing brought out the worst and the best of us. We have all done things we never thought we would do, until the pressure of this new way of life took over.

 Then Jesus told them, “This very night you will all fall away on account of me, for it is written:

“‘I will strike the shepherd,     and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.’ But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee.”

 Peter replied, “Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will.”

 “Truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “this very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.”

 But Peter declared, “Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you.” And all the other disciples said the same. (Matthew 26:31-35, NIV)

We consistently blame Peter for deserting the Christ, but note the last line. AND all the other disciples said the same thing!

On Father’s Day we might be blaming our dad for past errors or mistake but the truth is, he likely had company. A whole generation of dads did things a certain way and our dad took all the blame for it because he was our Dad.

Today is Father’s Day. Find forgiveness in your heart so that you will be well and Dad too will be able to move forward in his Christian walk.

Prayer- God we thank you for our fathers because they gave us life. Amen.

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