Proof That God Exists

Does God exist? Of course my answer would be a resounding yes! I know this because I talk with Him daily. I also know He exists because the Bible says He exists. I realize that these are not reasons that many people will accept. You may say that, based on these comments, that I am a Christian fanatic. Thank you, I’ll accept that designation.

However, I would like to present some observable, definite proofs that God does in fact exist.

There are between 200 billion and 400 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy.[1] Each of these stars circles a galactic center in an orderly fashion. Recent observation from the Hubble telescope has shown over 3,000 visible galaxies in the universe. A recent German super-computer simulation estimates that the number may be as high as 500 billion. Assuming the median of the number of stars in the Milky Way (300 billion) that makes the estimated number of stars in the known universe somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 quintillion (15,000,000,000,000,000,000)[2].  “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky displays what his hands have made.” (Psalm 19.1) Did all of these stars just create themselves? And how did they all manage to form themselves into orderly galaxies and solar systems? This doesn’t even begin to count the potential number of planets.

In the galaxy there are a multitude of particles called quarks. There are supposed to be six types of quarks and each quark has an anti-quark. These particles are smaller than the electron, proton and nucleus components of an atom. They have very unusual behaviors that look as though they defy the laws of rational physics. These particles, along with the “super-strings” they are supposed to bind together, are still a mystery just being discovered by scientists. While little is known about these particles, many scientists are rethinking their “bang” theories and wondering how all of this could have “just happened.”

We have to look no further than here on the earth for more proofs. Biologists have described and named more than one million species of animals, and some biologists believe that there are several million to ten million more species that remain to be discovered, classified, and named.[3] Each of these animals is different and unique. There are over 400,000 known plant species today and more are being discovered and catalogued all the time[4]. What an amazing world we live on. Of course it is a stretch of the imagination to believe that this all just happened. It is an amazing world; one created and lovingly looked after by the Master Creator, God. It’s man (and sin) who has caused all of the bad things that have happened to this planet.

Next, I would like to look at the human body. What a marvelous machine – self-repairing, self-defending against invasion. Each adult human body has over 100 trillion individual cells (100,000,000,000,000).[5] The largest of these cells is the fertilized egg or ovum. Even this cell is so small that it requires a microscope to see. I point out this cell in particular because all of these unique individual cells that compose the heart, lungs, skin and other parts of the human body all began as a single fertilized egg. The human body is so amazing that it completely regenerates itself approximately every seven years.[6] Due to this amazing feature it seems that the human body was designed to last eternally. There are components of the human body that are specifically designed to repel intruders and other components that are specifically designed to keep the body internally clean. This, according to some, just happened.

I have to admit that there are those who will accuse me of using sloppy science. There are also those who will say that this essay is slanted toward theism. The answer is no to both. It’s not sloppy science, because it’s not science. It an explanation based on science. It’s not slanted towards theism; it’s slanted towards the Judeo-Christian belief that “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)  I have addressed only the existence of God, based on His creative work in the universe. We cannot physically see God, so we look at His handiwork. Yes, I am a Christian fanatic. I love God and I believe that He is the only way that the universe could exist, as we know it does. I hope this presentation will cause you to think and ask questions.






[6] journal article in Cell by KL Spalding, RD Bhardwaj, BA Buchholz, H Druid, and J Frisen


  1. Damon Montano said:

    One cannot prove the non-existence of a “god” or conscious universal manipulating entity, but I can most easily demonstrate that if such an entity did exist, its nature would necessarily be something that is not “good”. That is correct, by the known parameters of the Universe itself which are configured in such a way as to make possible the evolution of life, we can understand that if a conscious entity had established the Universe, that entity could be of only two possible ethical platforms: one of utter indifference toward suffering, or directly in favor of suffering. There is no possibility of any hypothesized “god” figure being of an ethical and compassionate moral standpoint. This is understood from our knowledge of the very conditions of sentient life. The essential condition of all sentient life in a biosphere is suffering. If any party wishes to claim that life itself was began by a conscious entity, then that very claim necessarily establishes such an entity as being either morally vacant or essentially malevolent. There is no logical argument to the contrary. Anyone attempting to claim that a hypothesized creator entity hails from a positive moral standpoint must of course have a very poor understanding of the nature of life itself.

    November 17, 2014
    • Josh said:

      It sounds like you are disputing your own morals. You must have a complete understanding of life to make these assumptions. Please, tell us all the secret

      December 3, 2014
    • Travis said:

      You need to read the bible such as Adam and Eve when humans didn’t have suffering…also you need to read about who created the creator an that should answer your questions on life and religion…but I will admit it is my faith that leads my way…but I have faith…you have your opinion…but you know that in the back of your mind you can honestly say without a doubt you know…peace travis

      December 4, 2014
      • Damon Montano said:

        Please do not degrade my rational extrapolation to mere opinion. The foundation of knowledge is information, not opinion.

        February 5, 2015
        • Josh said:

          Yes, and judging by your previous comment your extrapolation is not rational at all. The polarity of suffering proves your assumptions or not rational at all and you are not thinking with the proper rhetoric. Not even Eastern Religions coincide with your extrapolation which is merely opinion. I personally dessiminate logic and faith, defining faith. Be sure, you will answer for the things you have done.

          February 10, 2015
          • Damon Montano said:

            Everything that I have mentioned on this page reflects rational thought. If you wish to point out a specific point I made that you feel was irrational then I encourage you to reference it explicitly. Your religious programming, lacking any intellectual merit, relies upon an engine of emotion. This is why you cannot formulate a rational argument; Christianity was not founded upon rationality and has left you unprepared for discussions about reality.

            April 29, 2015
            • Josh said:

              What you do not rationalize is emotion. It is reality. What happens is real no matter if it is based on reality or belief. It happens. If a guy travels from Missouri to Wyoming, that is real and would be recorded. Christianity has been recorded the same. So should we believe it the same as the writings of Charles Darwin. What is real?

              May 8, 2015
              • Josh said:

                Correction: I should have said iether based on rationality or emotion. Yes, the tree does make a sound. I did explicitly reference a point. The only thing lacking merit in this discussion is your philosophy. To say religion is not intellectual is irrational.

                May 11, 2015

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