Anniversary Socks

My hubby had got into the habit of working his socks off his feet at some point through dinner. You wouldn’t know it. He had no suspicious look or wriggling movements to show this was happening. I just always found those socks after dinner.

So here I was, on the floor, on my 25th wedding anniversary (when I should have been at some classy restaurant!) with my hand on those socks.

And it suddenly came to me that if I continued to pick up those socks, the next 25 years would be exactly the same.

I would toddle over to the table with my walker, and one of those little picker things to crawl under the dining table to pick up socks.

But I had to decide. I had to decide; whether to pick up those socks or not! I bravely decided to leave them under the table.

That first night, I watched carefully as hubby sat down. A look of surprise, even shock, crossed his face. He said nothing. Believe me, I said nothing!

It took three nights and three pairs of socks. On the third night, he picked them all up and put them in the wash. My life was changed!!

If we want our life to change, we have to first decide that’s what we want. Then we have to stop picking up socks. Then we joyfully live in the change! But first we have to stop picking up those socks.

So friends what socks are you still picking up? Surely it is not guilt or sin or other bad habits that Christ died to cure!

But so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins”—then He said to the paralytic, “Get up, pick up your bed and go home.”(Matthew 9:6, NASB)

Prayer- Oh the trouble we bear Lord, when you have already freed us. Help us to learn what that is and stand in it. Amen.

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