Are You Living?

Why does the Amplified Bible say that ‘Sarah lived 127 years; this was the length of the life of Sarah.’ (Genesis 23:1)

Could it mean that Sarah really lived her life? Few of us do, you know. We let opportunities pass, ignore chances to grow and treat our relationships carelessly.

No one could accuse my cousin Ben of any of that. Ben died on October 30, in his 99thyear. A minimal list of his accomplishments include saving and restoring a schoolhouse and writing several books. He was active in his church and even maintained its cemetery. He volunteered with several heritage foundations and received a Heritage Hero award. Most of all, he valued those he met along the way.

Dare we ask ourselves “Am I really living? Why/ Why not? What changes do I need/want to make? Am I a good example to others on how to really live the life God gave me?”

Prayer- Lord, we promise you, and trust you will help us keep that promise…that we will live, really live and walk, really walk in your light, your way and your will. (From 1 John 1:7a) In Christ. Amen.

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