Are You Sick?

Mark 12:30-31Jesus said, The first in importance is,  Listen Israel: The Lord your God is one; so love the Lord God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence and energy.And here is the second: Love others as well as you love yourself. There is no other commandment that ranks with these.(MSG)

Mrs. Huff is up the miff tree on a seat fixed good and firm,
And she’d like to tell the pastor a few things and make him squirm.
Mrs. Huff was sick abed, Sir. Yes, Sir, sick abed a week,
And the pastor didn’t call, Sir. Never even took a peek.
Wasn’t that enough, Sir, to provoke a saint to wrath?
And to make a Christian pilgrim wander from the churchly path?
When I asked her if doctor called to see her, she said, “Sure.”
And looked as if she thought I needed a dose of good mind cure.

Then I asked how doctor knew that sickness laid her low
And she said that she had called him on the phone and told him so.
So the doctor called to see her—but the pastor didn’t go,
For the doctor knew her trouble and the pastor didn’t know!
Now the doctor gets his bill paid with a nicely written check,
But the pastor, for not knowing, simply gets it in the neck!
(Author unknown-from my granny’s personal papers) 

‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ includes our spiritual leader! Let’s show love to our pastor today.

Prayer: Lord, forgive us for any time we expect preferential treatment, especially our pastors. Amen.

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