Are You Weary And Worn?

Are you weary and worn in this storm tossed life? That question from the hymn runs through my mind a lot, especially when I'm doing something I do not like to do–housework comes to mind rather quickly. So often we get bogged down in doing things we think we should do instead of asking God what He would have us do. We get caught up in church work and civic work, never taking the time to be with the Refresher, and the carrier of our load. 

We have two promises that I can think of right off the bat, “The LORD lifts those who are heavy laden and those bent beneath their loads,” (Psalm 145); and “Come to Me you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest,” (Matthew11:28)

I wrote a post about talents and gifts and it was sort of a half post, I had more to say, but now it has gone past the newsworthy phase. So, I've revised it into weary and worn because that seems to be hitting a nerve with Christians recently. 

I said in my post that the Master gave the talents according to the abilities, but did not give the abilities in that particular parable. The story Jesus was telling was not about abilities or what kind of abilities, but more about willingness to use the ability to increase what was given.

Obviously, the servant who received the most from the Master enjoyed using it to make even more. He wanted to make the Master proud. He obviously used it wisely because he doubled what he was given. In the exact same way, the Holy Spirit gives us motivations which spur us on to do God's work without becoming weary or heavy laden. We just need to know what our motivations are in order to operate in them to the fullest extent of our ability.

Take a moment and analyze what motivates you… What interests you the most, and how do you go about solving problems?

Let's take one example and look at how each of the Motivational Spiritual Gifts Paul outlines in Romans 12:6-8 would handle the situation. The gifts Paul lists are: Prophecy/Perception, Server/Minister, Teacher, Exhorter, Administrator, Giver, Compassion with Cheerfulness.

Let's say that in a neighborhood live all the gifts, please note that every Christian has all the gifts of motivation each in proportion to their abilities and in proportion to their faith (something most teachers of the Spiritual gifts forget to mention, but Paul does not).

One neighbor gets sick. Which of these reactions best suits your instinctive desire to help your sick neighbor?

__will take over meals, offer to do housework, run errands, mow the lawn.

__ will ask how she feels, empathize, hug, weep, stay by her bedside.

__ will find it hard to relate to her, but will take a good book and tapes, magazines, or read out loud.

__ will go right over and encourage her, share uplifting Scripture, make sure she is following doctor's orders.

__ will find out what she needs and organize the neighborhood to meet all the needs.

__ will bring food and other gifts, spend time talking and listening, or just sitting quietly.

__ will pray both privately and with her for healing, strength and endurance.

When you've figured out what your motivation is, then you will operate according to that gift and you won't burn out, get weary, or get worn. That is exactly how God designed it for us to work within His will. It is when we are doing things with a mistaken motivation of DUTY that we get overwhelmed. 

Have you decided yet which way you respond to a friend or loved one who is sick? 

1.  Server
2. Compassion/Mercy
3. Teacher
4. Exhorter
5. Administrator
6. Giver
7. Perceiver

Would you like to know more about these gifts? Go here

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