Australian Survey Underscores Belief in Resurrection

Surveys are everywhere, yet this one came across as a little surprising.

I have never been to Australia. People I know who have been there emphasize it’s much more fascinating than the stereotypical view of kangaroos at every turn and everyone saying, “G’day.”

Like much of Western Europe, though, Australia is not known for evangelical beliefs. This was confirmed for me when the Australian Christian rock band Revive, which has played as an opening act for Third Day, visited my church recently. They mentioned the audience for Christian music is pretty slim Down Under–a big reason why they packed up and moved to the U.S.

Yet a survey published in the Sydney Morning Herald revealed that while 85 percent of respondents did not consider themselves born-again, 45 percent of that group still believes in Jesus’ resurrection.

Undoubtedly part of the response is a cultural recognition of the Easter story. The fact that it is Holy Week may also have elevated the issue in people’s consciousness.

But the most encouraging thing to take away is the relevancy of Christianity even to skeptics in a country widely viewed as independent-minded.

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