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Over at there has been a conversation raging for pages and pages, months and months. I do not believe regeneration happens without conversion. I do not believe that everyone…

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Are angels our protectors, such as guardian angels? Or, are they messengers like what the word angel means, or both? See Psalm 91, for clarification: For He shall give His…

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God designed humans as social creatures therefore we are taught from the first of our toddling steps how to share, and how to communicate with others. We will gravitate to…

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I found the most delicious book on etiquette written by Sarah Anne Foster in 1869 or somewhere thereabouts. It is public domain and an ebook which can be found here.  …

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This process can be applied to any situation where you need to make an important decision. If you follow these ten basic steps, you will find yourself making wiser decisions…

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