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Do you ever feel like you aren’t good enough? Like you’re nothing special? Like you don’t make a difference? Do you realize those thoughts come from Satan? I don’t know…

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Ring, ring… the doorbell sounds. I scoot to the door, twist the knob, and greet the babysitter with my biggest Christmas smile. The Christmas smile is suddenly interrupted by gooey,…

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Has sin tangled with your emotions and left behind a knotted mess in your heart? It’s like trying to straighten a string of lights on an overly dried-out Christmas tree. Why in…

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Satan is poised to pounce when I’m vulnerable. He points out the flaws I already know I have. His humiliation pushes my head down. His accusations of past mistakes pierce…

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My mom is a y’all-using, cookie-baking, tear-wiping, soap opera-watching, fun-loving girlfriend. She isn’t just a friend, she is also my mama. She loves hard, hugs hard and spanks pretty hard…

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Do you think you are worthy? Sometimes, we allow unworthiness to pull us by the hair, drag us through the mud, and smear our reputation. Unworthiness demands our attention. It…

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