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Joseph Hovsepian has a powerful story to tell through his family’s legacy. Hovsepian operates the Burbank, Calif., based Hovsepian Ministries in honor of late father, Haik. In 1994, Hovsepian’s father…

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Of all the controversial subjects we’ve written about this year at Everyday Christian ranging from gay marriage to health care reform, this may be the most controversial yet. And I…

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The impoverished African nation of South Sudan is at a critical crossroads in its history. The country will be holding a national referendum in January 2011 to potentially secede from…

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By and large, Christmas is a time of celebration for Christians as we are reminded of the gift God gave us in Jesus and His humble beginnings. However, the joy…

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For 100 years, World Gospel Mission (WGM) has been sending committed Christian missionaries to the mission field. World Gospel Mission disciples believers to become missions-active Christians. As an interdenominational missions…

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