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It is true. Most of us have done it. After a quick search, there it was, a bargain. We went ahead and placed a bid. A bidding war can get…

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Last winter I got a scary fright. The cold season was beginning to kick in. With Daylight Savings Time finished over here, the days were starting to get shorter. This…

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Nearly three years ago in the New Zealand town of Blenheim I worked in a supermarket. As I had kitchen experience and a food-handling certificate, they placed me in the…

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I was once asked to write about, “Who would I like to go to dinner with, and why?” It was part of a job application. Naturally, I chose Jesus and…

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In my country, we have a special celebration called Anzac Day and New Zealand almost comes to a halt. It is a time to reflect and think of those who…

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