Be a Bee

It’s obvious to scientists and even the naked eye, bumble bees cannot fly. It cannot fly because it is too heavy. It is the wrong size and shape and its wings are too small.  Therefore, the bumble bee cannot fly!

But no one told the bumble bee. He ignores what others think of him… and he flies every day. While he is at it, he makes a little honey along the way.

Now friends, are you a bumble bee or are you a naysayer? There is a tremendous difference between the two. While one takes what they have and moves forward with it, the other believes they can’t do anything themselves and is totally content to tell others they can’t either.

The very first Bible verse I took onto myself is this one.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. 

The word strengthen means to build up, make healthy, nourish, reinforce, make stronger, buttress, brace, shore up, underpin, underprop, toughen,  fortify, bolster, give a boost to,  harden, stiffen,  add fuel to, renew, vitalize, give new energy to, buoy up,  crank up, beef up, make more forceful, lend more weight to, support, back up, confirm, and  authenticate.

Friends when God says he will strengthen us, he means it. Choose one word that speaks to you from the list above and use it in this line.

I can do all things through Christ who ______________________________ me.

Today I am choosing- I can do all things through Christ who backs me up! (Tomorrow I might need another!)

What has God impressed upon your mind to do? Choose your word and act on it!

“Faith never knows where it’s going, but it loves and knows the Leader.” (Oswald Chambers)

Prayer- God thank you that whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in you because you make me who I am. Amen (From Philippians 4:13, MSG)

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