Be Strong In The Lord

There are days when it's just hard to crawl out of bed. The responsibilities of the day ahead weigh on us like a ton of bricks.

I remember a commercial when I was younger. It was a Dunkin' Donuts commercial showing a man, day in and day out, get up very early and head out the front door. Each time he opened the door he said, “Got to make the doughnuts.” He was exhausted. It seemed like all he ever did was get up, make the doughnuts, and sleep. One day he opened the front door and said, “Got to make the doughnuts,” and he met himself at the door. The other self said, “I made the doughnuts.”

Do we ever feel like that? Does it ever feel like you're burning the candle at both ends and meeting yourself coming and going? You know when things get like that it's time to take a break! People are always saying, “God never gives you more than you can handle.” That's true. He knows our limits. Many times we don't and we pile on ourselves more than we should. But take heart. God loves us. He's always here, and when we cry out for help He hears us and delivers us.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of that. In the book of Joshua, God constantly told Joshua to be strong and courageous. God is with us. He knows our needs. He also knows our limitations and He will never ask more of us than what we can bare. Take everything one day at a time and one step at a time. Try not to take on too much, but whatever you do take on, be strong in the Lord knowing He will see you through or deliver you. One way or another, just know, God is with you.

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