Beach Days

The Beach
It’s too much trouble to go to the beach,
We’ll wait for another day,
When the clothes are washed
And the floors are scrubbed
And everything put away.

And then one day my work was done,
“Let’s go to the beach” I said.
But I looked outside, and the wind was cold
And the summer leaves were red.
And I looked around for the golden heads,
But the children too, had flown
And I know now, if I go to the beach
I go to the beach alone.

(Author unknown)

For most of us, the swim season is over, but the author could have used almost any word instead of beach. The effect is the same whether we say beach, cell phone, business, sports, or working out at the gym. We neglect those near and dear to us until it’s too late. What opportunities have you missed?

“I’m going out to fish,” Simon Peter told them, and they said, “We’ll go with you.” (John 21:3a, NIV)

Prayer – Father, give us the common sense to pick our loved ones over gadgets and events. Amen

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