Being Perfect In an Imperfect World

Imperfections fill the world. Being perfect is far from reality. There are too much selfishness, hatred, chaos coupled with murder, crime, poverty and terrorism in this imperfect world.  We dream of peace, love and harmony to prevail that it remains an elusive dream forever.
As we hear the saying “The grass seems greener at the other side of the fence”, we feel our neighboring society or country does not have the problems we have in our own. So we move from one part of the world to another, only to find out that the place is just the same or often worse than the ones we left.
Then we try to create an ideal world of being perfect, with the people around us – making our family and friends ideal. However, as the kids grow we find them in an imperfect world despite our efforts. Our entire life passes with the hope of living in a perfect world. For that perfect world, we sacrifice our present life and we accuse others for our unhappiness. Yet, the world continues to be what it always been – imperfect.
As we come to the end of our lives, we realize that all our attempts to make this life better hardly resulted into any tangible change. 
The concept of an ideal world is full of myths. Consider non-violence. It forbids harm to any person, including your enemy. The myth of being perfect presumes that any form of violence is not necessary and that any problem can be solved through non-violent means. However, in this seemingly imperfect world, it ignores that the very element of anger in man is part of his character as designed by the same God.  
God did not design man to be nonviolent. He can get angry when he sees injustice. This is intended so human beings follow the right path. Otherwise, they will suffer the anger of their fellow men. Violence has a purpose and this cannot be washed away by any theory. People usually follow the right path for fear of violence against them.
The perfect and ideal world is supposed to have only love and everything seems to be being perfect. Apart from this notion in the imperfect world, love is dependent to hatred. They are a pair and complement each other. They are both present in everyone. To hate doing wrong is a virtue. It keeps the man in the right path. A man who hates nothing does not know how to love. 
For example, democracy presumes that everyone is equal. Yet in reality, democratic countries have the largest disparities in the world. While some people are wealthy, many are in poverty. Socialism that preached a classless society and equality has in fact created biggest dictators in the world like Hitler, Stalin and Mao.
The world has been designed to be perfect by a perfect Creator. Being perfect is His nature. Yet man, in his own limited wisdom, thought that he can make this imperfect world better. He then defined a model and forced the world to fit into this shape. As it goes along, the world seems to change constantly as if leading to the ideal world as man expects.. However, the world is so strong, powerful and stable to be changed. It then came back to its original shape.
Great prophets and God in history came – Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah and Mohammad who gave hints to make a perfect humanity. If everyone follows their preaching, the world shall be perfect like Heaven, Swarg or Paradise. Apart from being perfect, humanity forgot their messages soon, followed the opposite, did not achieve the promised heaven and continue living in the imperfect world. 
It can be easily seen with simple reasoning that all models are inadequate and deficient.  Theories are designed by man based on his inadequate knowledge of the world, and they are convinced foolishly that they know the truth. Then they develop these theories ignoring the law of nature…and failed.
Therefore, what we believe to be perfect is a model far from reality. Perfection lies in reality itself. The world has always been perfect and that is reality. 
The challenge is to understand the world and enjoy living in it. Being perfect in an imperfect world is to live in this world that has always been perfect like you. In the words of Khalil Gibran, “Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the self-same well from which y our laughter rises was often filled with your tears.”

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  1. Nidy Durairaj said:

    My name is Nidy. I was born and brought in India. During my teenage, even though my dad was not a spiritual man, he always strived to do the right thing and kept the village people in the first place and helped beyond his limits rather than his own family. I took some principles from him and during my teenage itself, I decided to live righteously without giving bribery, favouritism and recommendations. Due to this, my skills were unrecognised and lost many better opportunities in life but Jesus showed His grace and elevated me above and beyond mine and my family’s expectations and now I am well settled in Australia. Ever since, I started working, I have been helping the orphanage and I have been establishing a number of Churches in the unreachable remote areas in Tamil Nadu, India. All praises and glory to His matchless meaningful name.
    Nidy Durairaj
    Mobile: +61-433 584 406

    February 22, 2015

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