Best Ever

Who would you say is the best hockey player ever? Would you pick Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr or maybe Gordie Howe or Paul Henderson? It’s all really a matter of opinion, isn’t it? We may never really know the best player ever because earlier records aren’t complete and equipment changes make equal  judgment calls impossible.

Does it matter anyway? Isn’t hockey a team sport where the guys help one another to a win? It sounds like a blueprint for Christ followers. Or is it the other way around?

Romans 15:1-2-We who are strong [in our convictions and of robust faith] ought to bear with the failings and the frailties and the tender scruples of the weak; [we ought to help carry the doubts and qualms of others] and not to please ourselves.

Let each one of us make it a practice to please (make happy) his neighbor for his good and for his true welfare, to edify him [to strengthen him and build him up spiritually] (AMP).

Why ever would we want to help the other guy? (Because Christ did exactly that for us.)

Romans 15:3-For Christ did not please Himself [gave no thought to His own interests]; but, as it is written, the reproaches and abuses of those who reproached and abused you fell on Me (AMP)

So dear hockey fans, when you cheer for your team, remember that you are on a team too and together, we are aiming for the win.

Prayer: Lord God, help us be great team players for Christ. Amen.


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