’For Time And Eternity’ Exposes False Doctrines Within Sweet Love Story

It is rare that a novel comes along that has all the elements of a good story but “For Time and Eternity” by Allison Pittman does. There is suspense because you know the young girl is going to make this terrible decision. You know that it just might turn out to be a good decision, but there are all these things that a mature person would notice right off as warning bells. 

It also has a sweet love story, but that is overshadowed by how insidious the false doctrines weave in and around truth to make them seem true or at least plausible. Pittman does a great job in writing them baldly so a well-versed reader picks up on them immediately. She also shines a light on the false doctrines later in the book as our heroine matures. 

I thought at first that this would be something I just couldn't agree with, then I began to notice how she was writing from the point of view of an immature, lonely and harshly treated teenager. It is exactly how a young one gets caught up in something that is not of the LORD. She also brings out how people who “want to be good” but are not truly saved will cut corners and rationalize their wants and desires into something they call holy, but is nothing like holy. To God, a lie is a lie. To unbelievers and immature Christians a lie may only be the ends justifying the means. I'm glad I read this because I have a much better understanding of Mormons now. My cousin is a Mormon and I understand her better now.

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