Calvin Klein crosses the line again

Calvin Klein has crossed the line again. Always pushing the envelope with racy campaigns, Calvin Klein has posted a massive 50-foot billboard ad in New York's SoHo; and people are talking.

“It's pretty provocative. It's really inappropriate,” one nearby resident told the New York Daily News.

I have to wonder what Calvin Klein is really trying to sell. It's hard to believe they are truly promoting their clothes when their models are half nude. The young girl in the billboard is clearly involved in explicit sexual activity, and not just with one male partner, but two, while a third lies nearby on the floor. The kissing and fondling is magnified by the multiple partners, unbuttoned clothing and glowing skin.

Pornography is defined by the Encarta Dictionary as “sexually explicit material–films, magazines, writings, photographs, or other materials that are sexually explicit and intended to cause sexual arousal”.

Clearly this billboard is porn, so how is it possible that it hangs prominently on the corner of Houston and Lafayette? While many fuss and complain, I am growing less concerned about Calvin Klein, and much more about the clear lack of common sense government with regard to porn. How have we become an America that allows porn to be posted on a public street corner?

If you've traveled much abroad, you know that sexually explicit ads are commonplace on the streets of Europe. But historically, that has not been the case in America. Will we stand by and allow our country to go down the same road?

On Monday, Sean Hannity pleaded with Calvin Klein to think of America's children. Today, I'm pleading with the government. Will a Christian legislator please stand up? Will someone with political clout please care enough about our children and the future of our country to fight for decency? Goodness knows enough fighting goes on in D.C., and enough big government legislation. But I have to believe that most thinking Americans would appreciate our government focusing on such things as the protection of our children and the promotion of basic morality, instead of spending time figuring out how to fund pig-odor research.

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