Can You Hear Me, God?

Can you hear me, God?

Can you hear all the fears rushing through my head and heart – even though I try so hard to trust you?

Can you see that I’m trying so hard to do the right thing? Yet sometimes needing to simply have faith?

God, can you hear me crying out to you? I want to hear your voice – desperately. I want to see you moving in my life – deeply. I want more of you. I hunger for it with a hunger that cannot be satisfied.

Lord, can you see the tears falling down my face as I search for a purpose? Your plan?

Can you hear me, God?

Do you find favor with me, Lord? When I’m sitting here feeling so overlooked? So average? When I stick my foot in my mouth yet again, or fail to rise to that challenge that you’ve set before me?

I lift my eyes up to you. I lift up my head. Looking for you. Seeking you out. Oh where are you, God? Can you hear me?

How long must I wait? How many times will I have to start again?

I trust you, God. I choose to believe. I refuse to choose any other way. I refuse to leave You. No matter how long the silence. No matter how discouraged or frustrated I may feel. I WILL trust You.

You have never let me down. You’ve always kept me safe. I’ve been protected in the shadow of your wings time and time again. You’ve been gracious and merciful to me.

So I will wait. For Your timing. For Your plans.

I will.

For You are my life. You are my breath. The world may push me to doubt – but You are the very air I breathe. You are my motivation, my heart. And I love you.

Don’t ever remove your love from my life. I need you. 

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