Caring For Our Wounded

In my country, we have a special celebration called Anzac Day and New Zealand almost comes to a halt. It is a time to reflect and think of those who fell in battle. Soldiers buried in far away places and the contributions of all to the war effort. Yes, we remember too the mistakes made, as well as victories.

Our wounded have their place too, as they do today in the United States where it is Veterans Day. Those that survived have a story to tell. Regardless of whether they served in the Army, Air Force or Navy, everyone made some sort of sacrifice. Anzac Day commemorates them all. Each soldier has their medals to proudly display whilst others indicate this with different coloured ribbons. Some will have scars to show as well.

The greatest sacrifice was when Jesus died on the cross. The one who died to have our sins washed away in His precious blood. Those of us who believe have been through a born again experience. As our new life with Christ begins, we find ourselves in a battle. One that produces our own somewhat kind of wounded.

So what happens to them? Where do they go? No one seems to want them. It is as if what they have is contagious. I remember a song with a line that goes like this. ‘Don’t shoot the wounded, you might be wounded one day.’

We need to reach out to them. There are wounded and hurting people in our Christian ranks that need attention. To get alongside and help them to face the right direction is almost as much a miracle as salvation. Another thought to consider is that when these people come back on line they are stronger in their walk with the Lord. So how do I know that, I hear you ask? Easy, I have been there, done that and survived.

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