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Develop a job search plan Don’t waste any time complaining and moaning about the economy. Instead take deliberate action to search every nook and cranny for potential positions. Be methodical…

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Why Am I So Busy? Many people are acutely aware that their lives are out of balance. Some people will tell you that they have too much to do and…

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What are Office Politics? The Christian worker cannot afford to ignore office politics. Scripture tells us to stay alert, be as cunning as snakes yet inoffensive as doves (Matthew 10:16).…

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A career roadmap is used to find the best direction to take to achieve career objectives. It helps you plan your course of action, stay on track, overcome barriers, and…

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1) Preparation and Homework Determine the jobs or professions you would like to investigate for a career change. Learn as much as you can about the companies you identify, their leaders and,…

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Christian Career Tools Job Search Guide Christian Career Resources to Manage Career Interruptions

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Ants Work Hard & Smart Ants are persistent and hard working. They use time wisely by gathering and storing sufficient food in summer and harvest to survive the winter (Proverbs…

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Everyone needs encouragement. Bosses and co-workers alike face difficult situations and make mistakes or fail on a daily basis. They need help to cope with disappointment, fear, doubt and uncertainty.…

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Lord, help me to see the people I work with through your eyes—fearfully and wonderfully made children of the King. Some may not know their true birthright and for those…

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