Christians should stand out like sore thumbs

Have you ever heard the expression, “That’ll stick out like a sore thumb?” Well, that is just what Jesus wants our lives to do when we become Christians. The expression is defined as “to be easily noticed as different.” We should be different as a result of spending time with Him. The way we relate to others and handle adversity should be markedly different from that of a non-believer. We have been given the Holy Spirit as our guide. To direct our path and correct us when we go off course. We have been loved and forgiven. We have hope knowing that although we will experience trouble in this life, Jesus has overcome the world.

Do you claim this truth in your life? Have you internalized these promises that God has made to you? If you have, then you will be different. You will live by faith and not by sight. You will respond in love when your flesh wants to retaliate. You will listen when you want to scream. You will demonstrate self-control when you are faced with food, activities, and relationships that are unhealthy for you. Now, no one is perfect. You won’t make the best choice every time. But you will for the most part, be weird! You will do things, say things, and feel things that would leave non-believers scratching their heads wondering, “Why in the world you would do that?”

Do you stick out like a sore thumb or have you been wearing camo? Great adventures await for those who ask Jesus for personal encounters with Him. Spend time with Him and study His Word, get to a place that is quiet enough for you to hear his voice. Doing this will help you to know Him, hear Him, and share Him with others. Take some time today to ask yourself:

  • Does my marriage stand out?
  • Does the way I parent stand out?
  • Does the way I respond to difficult situations/people stand out?

He wants us to experience life to the full. How many Christians do you know who are living defeated, worried and afraid? He doesn’t want that for us. He calls us to be different. Allowing Christ to change us through studying and obeying His word will give us the ability to live out His purpose for our lives. It will give you all you need to stick out like a sore thumb.


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