Coats Galore

Wouldn’t it be great to blend into your surroundings like some animals do? The arctic fox, the weasel and the white tailed jack rabbit are able to blend into the snow for the winter.
Some people do that too. They change their ways in public but their sweet tempers disappear at home. Or they ingratiate themselves with the boss, but undercut their fellow workers. Others may belittle their relatives in private, but smile all over them at the family gathering

They are heavy- handed when dealings with others. They have a low boiling point. They are deliberately slow to learn or understand the things of God. Some are fluffy with no common sense whatsoever

What coat are you wearing today? Is the real you on display or are you hiding your unchristian behavior for later and taking it out on the family?
I hate double-minded people, but I love your law. (Psalm 119:13, NIV)

Prayer- Lord never let it be said that we are two-faced, wearing changeable coats in one place or another and ignoring our true calling in you. Amen.

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