Come Fly With Me

Haven’t you ever dreamed of flying?  It never really occurred to me that that we could fly while here on earth. Then I came upon this verse.

God’s work is the talk of the town. Be glad, good people! Fly to God! Good-hearted people, make praise your habit.  (Psalm 64:9-10, MSG)

Other Bible versions use words like glad, trust, refuge, glory, praise and celebrate with no mention of flying, but haven’t you ever been so happy that you thought you could take wing?

And when sad, haven’t we mourned like this writer?

My heart is grievously pained within me, and the terrors of death have fallen upon me. Fear and trembling have come upon me; horror and fright have overwhelmed me. And I say, Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. (Psalm 55:4-6, AMP)

So fly, dear friends, fly into the face of God and trust him no matter what…

Prayer – Lord, when we feel like running away, let it always be toward you… on wings of joy and thanksgiving. Amen

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