Comfy Shoes

Ephesians 6:15having shod your feet in preparation (to face the enemy with the firm-footed stability, the promptness, and readiness produced by the Good News) of the Gospel of peace (AMP).

A large variety of shoes attended the event. Of course they were all attached to people’s legs! Experienced feet wore dark lace-up oxfords with support inserts while younger toes sported three inch heels, open toe sandals and bright colors. (Let’s not talk about what I was wearing!) My high heel days are in the past. Now I opt for comfort over fashion. Still, fancy shoes attract lots of attention, even though they pinch a little and leave long-term effects on the old tootsies.

When we first ask Jesus into our hearts, our new way of life is like high heel shoes. We stand out a little in the crowd. While we learn to walk in a Christ-like way, we get a little pinched and yes, hopefully there will be some long-term effects as we learn about Christ. But later, we are tempted to drag out those old comfy loafers to avoid the very things that attracted us to Christ in the first place. Old habits, like comfortable old shoes can drag us down if we aren’t careful. We would be wise to regularly check the fit of our spiritual shoes.

Prayer: Lord God, we confess that our lives have become too comfortable. Revive us. Nudge us out of our too comfortable ways and into shoes that pinch a little. Correct us where we need it. Amen.

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