Common Sense Stewards

Have you noticed that no one cooks or eats normal food lately? Recipes no longer call for lettuce. No it must be some long distance cousin grown in Africa during the full moon of June.

People drink coffee that must first pass though the digestive system of a Peruvian monkey or is it a Madagascar armadillo?

Cooking show contests use ingredients we’ve never heard of. Every day someone wants to sell us a newly discovered, never before heard of vitamin or mineral that will save our skin, rejuvenate our heart and put a skip in our step.

What is happening to our common sense?

What happened to basic food items like a warm stew with dumplings or a homemade soup?

They’ve been hi-jacked by the world’s ‘foodies.’  No matter what anyone tells you they are not hard to make and cost just pennies.

Last week, I bought a five pound bag of green split peas for $3.49. No, they won’t go bad in three months. Don’t fall for that stuff either.

Get out the crock pot.  Add four cups of boiling water, 1-2 cups of the split peas and a chopped onion. Toss in that leftover hambone you saved in the freezer after the family dinner.

Set the crock pot on low and go away for a few hours till all the meat easily comes off the bone. Remove the bone. Chop up the hunks of meat now in the soup. Serve with crusty bread or fresh biscuits. (Yes I have an easy recipe for that too.)

Add water if the soup is too thick. Freeze leftovers. That huge pot of soup cost only pennies to make.

1 Corinthians 4:2- Moreover, it is [essentially] required of stewards that a man should be found faithful [proving himself worthy of trust] (AMP).

We are God’s stewards. God expects us to have a little common sense. Do we?

Prayer: Lord, forgive us for wasting a huge part of the riches you give us. For Christ’s sake. Amen.

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