Company’s Coming

Company’s coming. I start my refrain!

Surely, it’s not time for their visit. Again!

I worry, clench and defibrillate. 

I constantly remark…This is my fate?

I don’t entertain well. My feet always slip;

 between smiling at serve up and making the dip.

I don’t share my bath water; hate their hair in my drains.

And listening to their boring, but constant refrains.

I want to dismiss them. Refuse to say yes.

I refuse to give my bed up, even though they request. 

Company coming? I want to shut the door.

Leave welcome mat out that says you are a bore.

Forget it, next year at your house my friend.

See if you like it when your ear I bend.

Cheerfully share your home with those who need a meal or a place to stay. (1 Peter 4:9, NLT)


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