Compassion reopens centers in Myanmar war zone

Christian humanitarian organization Compassion International has reopened two of its child development centers which briefly closed Tuesday along the Myanmar-Thailand border. A conflict has simmered for the past 50 years between ethnic Karens and the government of Myanmar, also referred to as its former name Burma. An intense uptick in the fighting between Myanmar government forces and the Thailand-based Free Burma Rangers prompted the displacement of about 3,000 Karens from Myanmar into Thailand, the Associated Press reported. Compassion’s centers were within two kilometers of the fighting, prompting the temporary closings. The level of violence has dissipated. The centers report that all registered children have been accounted for. “Praise God for his protection of our children and centers during the violence and fighting,” said Compassion’s Becky Tschamler in a statement. “Please ask him to bring peace to the region and end the ongoing conflict.”

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