Counting My Own Blessings Today

I don’t have to make my bed because I can’t lie down right now.
Food comes regularly to my house. I don’t have to cook.
I for sure won’t have to clean my house for a while.
I can still read.
I can still type though only with one hand.
I found out who my friends are.
Need I go on?


I broke my arm this week so everything you see for this month and maybe longer is all hunt and peck with my left hand.

I am determined to fulfill my obligations, although it is very difficult.

One thing I know is that you need to escape any naysayers. Wow, the awful stories they tell you; stories like their aunt Betty who broke their arm and had to have it amputated or worse!

Since it is December and I am studying Christmas, I was encouraged by Mary who went to her cousin Elizabeth for a feel-good moment. Mary and Elizabeth gave each other strength to face their new lives

Mary stayed with Elizabeth about three months and then went back to her own home. (Luke 1:56, NLT).

How well do we stand in the face of adversity when God rocks our world?

Prayer- Father God, help us live like Christ even when life seems too hard. Amen.

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