Covid Fog

I had a mild (Thank you vaccinations!) bout of Covid last summer and thankfully haven’t many lasting side effects, but several of my friends haven’t been so blessed.

One friend remembered buying gift wrap, bringing it home and placing it on the bed. Simple, right? However, she couldn’t find the stuff. She looked high and low for weeks, but found no sign of it! Finally on Christmas eve, she discovered it behind a door. 

Another friend stores things in odd places. For instance, she finally found her cell phone in the freezer! 

Frankly, I’ve been contributing my misplacement of items to the fact that I am getting older. Wait! Perhaps it is that Covid Fog that keeps me looking for my water jug in plain view on the counter.

What do you disremember? Do you find yourself swearing when you know that displeases God? Or gossiping when you know God is not a fan of that either? When will we stop blaming all sorts of things, but neglecting the truth. We are simply sinning and that’s that.

Don’t you remember that when I was with you, I told you these things? (2 Thessalonians 2:5)

Then they remembered his words. (Luke 24:8)

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