Charlie Sheen: Decline Of A Teenage Heartthrob

Yes, he was….a teenage heartthrob of enormous proportion. Of course, I’m talking about Charlie Sheen, the mean machine!

Do you remember the movie, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” from 1986?  Fun, entertaining, and just a generally good movie to watch, Sheen had a cameo part where he was in a police station, sitting on a bench in a black leather jacket. Jennifer Grey’s character saw him and instantly became a zombie, not able to talk sensibly, giggling, just being plain silly because he was so darn CUTE! And that he was!

He has enjoyed years of success as an actor. He’s been in lots of movies, and has recently been starring, for several seasons, in a sitcom called “Two and a Half Men.” I‘ve seen the show, but I don’t watch it, because I feel it sends the wrong message about families, relationships, and the sexual references are constant. By the world’s standards, this has been quite a popular show.

But Charlie has been in the limelight in the news for several years now, not just for his very obvious acting abilities, and his charisma.  He has gained a notorious reputation as a wife abuser. He has gone through a divorce because of these incidences of marital discourse, and while he and his wife, actress Denise Richards, publicly tried to put their relationship back together, it quickly became obvious that the effort was half hearted.

Sheen has gone on to acquire great publicity…regarding drinking bonanza’s, all night parties involving porn stars and prostitutes, and now it has been revealed that he is addicted to some drugs.  Here is a man who has achieved all that the world says a person should achieve, yet he is still is not satisfied. He is still searching for something else.

Dear Charlie does not look like he once did. He was so CUTE! Yes, even I was affected by his appealing looks and bad-boy charm. But now, while still a handsome man, he looks like he has led a difficult life, not one of comfort and luxury. He looks older than his years, and always seems to have that ‘I didn’t get enough sleep last night’ look on his face.

I don’t mean to be critical. I do not know him personally, so I cannot know all the things that he faces in his day to day life. But from observing his activities and his latest rants the past few days, putting down Alcoholics Anonymous, and the people who benefit from that organization, and even attacking the producers and directors of his television series, who have made the decision to halt production, at least temporarily, I have come to some conclusions.

The first thing I am noticing is that this is an extremely unhappy man. He appears to be out of control of his emotions, and does not have the wisdom to know how to protect his reputation from more bad press. He speaks before he thinks, in other words, publicly, with media in tow.  So all he says is out there, and once the spoken word is put into print, or on film, it is out there for good, and for all to see and hear. He should be taking a step back, keeping out of the public eye, and consulting with those who have his best interests at heart, who can help him get a grip on his life.

The other thing I feel is very obvious is that he needs the LORD. He needs to learn to savor victory instead of defeat. He needs to get back to who he really is, and have an awakening, a revelation, that he will find all he needs in this life, and the next, in Jesus Christ.

So my prayer is that someone will be put in his path, that God will send the right person, or people, to minister to his broken heart, and then healing could come.

Charlie has a public platform. He can make a difference, and do so much good in the world. He can use that to touch others, and in the process, he would be touched himself. What a showstopper that performance would be!

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