Even though my e-reader and I were barely on speaking terms, I determined to download a free Bible. Nothing doing. Then I got my friend involved. She couldn’t help me but decided to get the book for herself. What on earth were we thinking!

We called in experts; we travelled to other experts; no matter, still no Bible. Eventually, 48 hours of Bible chasing and we finally caught it. It only took us two whole days and every spare minute of our time, but eventually we succeeded. YAY!

I have several Bible versions right at my finger tips in my own house, in my own bookcase. I could have pursued them. I asked myself when I had last chased the Word of God with such perseverance.  And when would I chase it with such wild abandon again?

It’s hard to obey what we don’t know. That’s why we have to read the book. That’s why God wrote it. Start in the Book of John and keep going. You will love it.

“Did you know that when you carry “the Bible”, Satan has a headache? When you open it, he collapses. When he sees you reading it, he loses his strength. AND when you BELIEVE/stand on the Word of God, Satan can't hurt you!–Rosemary Rennison

Prayer: Father, give us the desire, the yearning to read your Word and then obey it.  In Christ's name.  Amen.

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