Devastating Pakistan Flooding Addressed by Christian Humanitarian Groups

As we enter the weekend, per usual, there has been no shortage of impactful news this week from the Prop 8 decision in federal court to – gulp – Naomi Campbell’s testimony in a war crimes trial.

It is easy to overlook devastating floods which have ravaged Pakistan this week, affected an almost unthinkable 12 million people and destroying 650,000 homes, according to the BBC.

As usual, Christian humanitarian groups are stepping to be part of the solution. Unquestionably prayers are in order for the millions displaced and those serving them.

Church World Service, which has been active in Pakistan for more than 50 years, said that food, shelter and hygiene are at a premium for many.

From the provinces of Sibbi and Balochistan CWS Pakistan Senior Project Officer Saleem Dominic said in a press release, “Food is the initial, immediate need, with hygiene and shelter next. Houses are completely destroyed and flood water remains in the houses, which poses health risks.”

Similarly, World Vision is reporting rapidly growing problems with waterborne diseases.

“People are showing up at the clinic parched and hungry. They’ve walked through rain and mud with clothing caked to their bodies, carrying their children for hours. They’re suffering from ailments such as diarrhea and acute respiratory infections, which can become life-threatening unless treated. The situation is desperate,” said Dr. Sheraz Iqbal, a physician with World Vision in Pakistan in a press release.

This video from the United Nations’ World Food Programme shows the extent of the devastation.

This map gives a detailed breakdown of the areas most severely affected.

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