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Did you know that a bridegroom’s family paid a dowery (a mohar) to the bride’s family because they were going to lose a worker and the work of any children! (Good grief!!)

The bride’s father could only use the interest from the dowery and when he and his wife passed, the bride got the money. Note in Genesis 31:15, Laban spent his daughters’ inheritance!

Did you know that once the money was paid, the couple were legally married. But the marriage was not consummated until the actual wedding. (Note: Mary and Joseph, Matthew 1:19)

Did you know that the minimum bridal price was fifty shekels of silver then, and a shekel was worth less than a dollar. Today fifty shekels of silver is worth about $400.00. 

Jacob got tricked into marrying the wrong woman, because brides wore heavy veils.

The wedding event often went on for one or two weeks.

The guests followed the bridal couple to their home. (Think today’s shiveree events)

A newly married man was not required to do military service for at least a year after marrying. 

Luke 15’s lost coin may refer to the coins (part of her dowery) a bride wore in her head dress.

Marriage was the normal occurrence because there is no word for bachelor in Hebrew!

Women had no rights, but were considered part of the man’s property. She could not divorce.

Well, folks, it seems the bride had to love more than the husband in that world.

So, they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate.” (Matthew 19:6)

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