Female Baseball Player: Did God Really Make Us Equal?

Ok, I know there are probably a thousand things going through your heard after that title.  I can't and won't blame you.  But the question needs to be asked at times, even if it is just to make good conversation. 

Last week Eri Yoshida made her professional baseball debut.  Now, what makes this story so noteworthy is the fact that Eri is a female playing on an American, all-male minor league baseball team.  She is 18 years old from Japan and throws a wicked knuckle ball.  Her knuckle ball has been good enough that Chico Outlaws of the Golden League has decided to give her a chance to start in their rotation.  Last week was her first start and she gave up 3 runs in the 4 innings that she pitched.  It could have been better, but she will also get better. Here is the story if you are interested in reading more about her debut.

So this story brings up the question, should females play with the males?  I struggle with this because I know that God says that He created everyone equal.  So do we take that literal to the point that even women can play with men in sports and vice versa?  As a society we have come to separate men and women when it comes to professional sports and even though there have been some very brave and amazing women that have tried out with the men, they really haven't been so successful.  Now, don't get me wrong here, I am not trying to stir up controversy or  disagreeing with the Bible.  But this story got me wondering this morning, even if we are equal, should we still let women try and play men's sports?  I don't know where exactly I stand on this issue just yet.  By no means am I against women trying their hand in men's sports, I just don't know if I could defend my position for either side.  So that is why I put it up out into the blogosphere.   So what do you all think?  Are men and women created equal?  Should women have the right to play men's sports?  Are we doing a disservice to both genders by separating sports like this?  Feel free to comment, I would love to hear what you all have to say on this issue.  

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