Do You Have a Ready Heart?

Do you have a ready heart?  It’s the key to understanding the kingdom of God, as we are told in Matthew 13:11-15 (The Message). 

The disciples had asked Jesus a question.  They wanted to know why Jesus spoke to the people in parables.  Why did He choose to use stories to explain things?  Jesus responded that they, the disciples, had been given insight into God’s kingdom but that not everyone has this gift so He had to explain things to them in a different way.

Do you want stories or do you want insight?  I would rather have insight.  So how do we get this insight?  Jesus goes on to say, “Whenever someone has a ready heart for this, the insights and understandings flow freely.”

The desire has to come from within, to understand and to have insight into the things of God.  So often we want God to reveal the mysteries but we don’t have a true surrendering in our heart. 

So how do we get a ready heart?  A ready heart is one that is focused on pleasing God.  A ready heart is one that puts kingdom living above worldly living.  A ready heart is one that strives to live the words of Christ.  A ready heart is one who loves the Lord with everything within them.  A ready heart is one that obeys.

There are many ways we can develop a ready heart.  But we won’t have one if we are nothing more than pew warmers, ticking off the Sundays we have made our appearance.  We won’t have a ready heart if we fail to spend time in His Word, so that we can truly grasp what it means to our life.  We won’t have a ready heart if we spend no time in prayer, instead enjoying a relationship with the Lord that is more like having an acquaintance.

I think we know what it takes to have a ready heart.  The question is…are we willing to pay a price?  Are we willing to get uncomfortable?  Are we willing to sacrifice?  Do you have a ready heart?

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