Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?

Does time really heal all wounds?  We often say this to those who have experienced loss or devastation, but the reality is that the only true Healer is Jesus Christ.

While time can aid in the process of healing, there is never really a point where you reach peace unless the Lord is at the center of it.  True peace can’t be found from within, as some believe.  The truest peace comes from the Prince of Peace.

Jehovah Rapha means “the Lord our Healer.”  We often think about His healing power when it comes to physical symptoms and conditions.  But He is also the one who heals the deepest parts of our souls.  He heals down to the very depth of our being.  He heals the emotional and psychological wounds as well. 

I believe the Lord can use time as it passes, to further the healing in our life.  When a person has been devastated by the loss of a loved one or has suffered as a result of tragedy (abuse, rape, adultery and the list goes on), time can be used as a method of healing.

But it has to be time spent with Him, in His Word and seeking Him through prayer.  Time, along with the work of the Lord, has healed me of many past hurts.  Without the passing of time I wouldn’t be where I am, but I also know that at the root of my healing is the Lord’s work.

How you feel about something today will not be the same a year from now and further on.  As you press into the power of God, He begins to work out things that you never imagined could be.  He reaches into the depths of your being and reveals what true healing is.

No, time doesn’t heal all wounds but it can help when the Lord directs it. 

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