Easy Starters

Some days, I waste my morning, wandering around the house, wondering where to start. There are lots of things to do, but none of them enthuse me. Should that make a difference? They need doing. Wasting two or three hours thinking about them, doesn’t get action. On the bad days, I start to clean a closet but then fold laundry and then write a devotional or two. However, at the end of the day I have closet stuff everywhere, laundry half folded, computer on, but nothing written.

On better days, when I don’t waste time, this is how I get at my day. Get out of bed, start the coffee pot and get on the scale. Decide to smile no matter the results! Shower and fully dress, including shoes! No computer, TV or phones. Breakfast, and always putting things away after I use them, including towels, make up, and breakfast dishes. Write. Concentrate on doing one thing at a time, doing it well and finishing one job before starting another. 

“Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time.” Victor Hugo

Make the most of every opportunity. 

(From Ephesians 5:16a, NIV) 

How goes your day?

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