Enough Already

Even though I’m always watching my weight, I heard about a new incredibly wonderful ice cream flavour and I wanted some. I couldn’t find it anywhere, so of course I turned whole –hearted attention to finding it. No luck.

Then this weekend I found tiny one portion servings in a grocery store.  I bought three. They were small, right? I ate them as soon as I got home. Surprisingly, I found another version the very next day; same terrific flavour, much larger container. Picture the same ugly scenario. Yes, I ate the whole thing. By now I was thoroughly fed up, literally with the flavour, the ice-cream and myself.

Then my friend called. “I found you a tub of that ice cream you wanted!” I feel sick at the thought of it. God said, “You wanted ice cream? I’ll give you ice cream!”

Read the whole story in Numbers 11. Just put my name (or maybe even yours!) where it says Israelites. The chapter ends this way:

That place was called Kibroth-hattaavah [the graves of sensuous desire], because there they buried the people who lusted, whose physical appetite caused them to sin. (Numbers 11:34, AMP)

What sensuous desire is drawing you away from God?

Prayer- Oh God, we are ashamed of our actions. Please for give us and help us get back on the right path towards you. Thanks. For Jesus who always intercedes for us. Amen

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