Episcopal Church launches inclusive advertising campaign

The Episcopal Church is launching a new advertising campaign portraying itself as an inclusive body welcoming of all Christians. The denomination has become fractured in recent years over issues surrounding gay marriage and the ordination of gay clergy. Recently, the Catholic Church issued an unprecedented offer to let Anglican clergy join Catholic ranks, waiving celibacy requirements for clergy who are already married. “We want to herald and share our welcoming message,” explained Anne Rudig, Episcopal Church Director of Communication. “We are bringing our identity, our core beliefs, and our heritage to life in a manner that invites all to share.” The work uses the theme “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You” with specific examples of the Church’s beliefs. Among others, they include: • As Episcopalians, we are followers of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. • We uphold the Bible and worship with the Book of Common Prayer. • We strive to love our neighbors as ourselves and respect the dignity of every person. • We welcome men and women, married or celibate, to be ordained as bishops, priests, and deacons. • We believe in amendment of life, the forgiveness of sin, and life everlasting. • We affirm that committed relationships are lifelong and monogamous. Episcopalians also recognize that there is grace after divorce and do not deny the sacraments to those who have been divorced. • We affirm that issues such as birth control are matters of personal informed conscience. • We celebrate our unity in Christ while honoring our differences, always putting the work of love before uniformity of opinion. • All are welcome to find a spiritual home in the Episcopal Church. This is the first in a series of materials, produced in English and Spanish, to support the Episcopal Church’s evangelism and outreach that will be developed over the coming months. Additional print, radio and collateral materials will be made available to its dioceses and churches. “In the past few weeks, news about various religions has focused more about who’s excluded from certain practices than who is included,” Rudig said. “We follow Christ and believe that he’s very clear that all are welcome. We strive to ‘love our neighbors as ourselves’.” Link: Episcopal Church advertising example: http://www.episcopalchurch.org/adcollaborative.htm

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  1. FlexColby said:

    I don’t believe in god, and I’m not religious; the Episcopal church sounds down to earth, and normal. Their message is positive alternative to the angry, power-hungry, christianists who have imposed their religion into law, and our private lives, via constitutional amendments! Best wishes to them!

    November 25, 2009
  2. robertroy said:

    The denomination announced draconian budgetary cuts this summer. And the assumptions about future giving were non-realistic assuming that giving will be going up. They take out hum-drum ads in USA Today which must cost a pretty penny. Of course, the ads will be undone by yet another headline about the many lawsuits instigated by the national leadership. And the “inclusive” business is all a sham. The denomination is becoming more and more homogeneous: white and liberal. Orthodox are shown the door. The advertisements won’t stop the hemorrhaging.

    November 26, 2009

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