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As readership grows on Everyday Christian, we have decided to focus on bringing our loyal readers, writers, and bloggers together in an online community that shares hope and truth as we all endure our everyday lives.  Everyday Christian hopes to create a united community of believers that have a heart for reaching out and a heart for fellowship online.  As we have all seen, the Internet continues to grow with millions of users worldwide, and while we may be miles apart, we are joined together in the everlasting bond of Jesus Christ.

Everyday Christian wants to share some of the latest news happening with our site, and share some of the future goals in forming our online community!

We have already been very active on Twitter with over 2,500 followers! This is a great accomplishment, and we appreciate your support! Because we have been so successful on Twitter, we have decided to open the door to Facebook to create a more intimate community!

A community that you can share your ideas, hopes, struggles, and prayer requests.  We will be posting our latest and greatest articles, while engaging with our followers to encourage them to share their thoughts on particular topics or questions! 

In the future, we hope to run contests and promotions for our loyal readers & followers!

As we develop our online community on Facebook and Twitter, we would love to hear your feedback and of course, we want you to participate!

How do you participate? It's easy.


Just click here.  Hit the “Like” button, and “Suggest to Friends” then start commenting and sharing!

(The “Suggest To Friends” button is right below the Everyday Christian Icon on the left side of the Facebook Page!)


Just click here. Hit the “Follow” button, and please Re-Tweet any good article you see us posting!

If you are not participating in Social Media right now, that's okay too! We aren't going anywhere! We have just noticed a need to have a community on these social media platforms, and encourage you to get involved!  If you do not have accounts on Facebook or Twitter, the process is simple and can be explained on their homepages!

Everyday Christian is looking forward to seeing you online, and we cannot wait to hear from our loyal readers and fans!

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